Emandare WordMarkAll of the wines from Emandare are 100% estate grown and dry farmed organically on our 8.5-acre North Cowichan vineyard. We are not certified organic but choose to farm this way because working along side nature is at the core of our wine growing philosophy. The vineyard is full of life and our goal is to capture a glimpse of this place in every bottle through old world, low intervention, natural wine making methods.

The 2017 Clara was crafted as a celebration of the birth of our beautiful daughter and will remain a permanent product in our annual line up. 100% Siegerrebe hand harvested and gently stewarded from grapes into wine with minimal intervention and sweetened with siegerrebe juice from the same vintage.

The bottle description reads, “As sweet as she.” This off dry white wine carries a seamless balance between sweetness, acidity and aromatics. The perfect pairing as an aperitif to start your evening or the delicate dessert pairing to finish the meal off.

A delicate and intricate wine that captures aromas of the fresh wild flowers that grow in our rows combined with subtle peach, mouth watering pear and orchard apple notes.

$28.00 / bottle (inc. tax)   

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